Goals of the Program


This program is one that has been planned for some time and which fulfills an important need in the Lyme community, translational research program in Lyme disease. It will offer comprehensive clinical evaluation for individuals with Lyme neuroborreliosis while also conducting vital basic research that will add to the fund of knowledge concerning the disorder and advance our understanding of Lyme and how best to treat it.

Our goals are simple in nature but complex in practice:

1. To articulate the most important medical problems facing individuals with Lyme neuroborreliosis.

2. To determine what research is necessary to explore potential answers to these medical problems.

3. To conduct that research on the appropriate level (e.g., animal studies, human clinical trials) to create the scientific building blocks necessary to solve the existing medical problems and therefore significantly advance the care of individuals with Lyme disease.

This Program is an important addition to the vibrant and energetic Lyme community. We hope that you will find on this site answers to your questions and encourage you to contact us if you need further information or wish to learn more about our clinical care or research opportunities.