How We Are Different

The Lyme Neuroborreliosis Program is unique in that it is dedicated specifically and solely to Lyme neuroborreliosis.

There are many programs which offer either clinical expertise or medical research in Lyme disease, but few others combine both of these functions.

This Program will enable individuals with Lyme neuroborreliosis to participate in clinical trials that will increase our knowledge and ultimately benefit all members of the Lyme community.

Research will focus on Lyme neuroborreliosis especially of the brain, as we believe it is in this area that we have the greatest chance for making the biggest contribution. However participation in research studies is restricted to those patients who meet the official CDC diagnosis for Lyme disease.

Our Program recognizes that Lyme neuroborreliosis can be expressed and experienced in highly individualized ways and that the needs and challenges of one affected individual may be significantly different from those of another. We will seek to recognize that each person's "journey" with Lyme disease may be affected by a large number of variable factors at different stages and therefore requires specific, individualized treatment.